The 7 reasons to invest in Togo


Togo is a country of peace and stability that offers every investor a personal tranquility and security for his invested capital.


Thanks to its strategic geographical location and its infrastructure, Togo offers an ideal framework for industrial development and trade with the West African region (ECOWAS), Europe and North America. Togo is the ocean gate of the Sahel countries (Mali ,Burkina Faso, Niger) which do not have access to sea.
Togo has:

  • Two (2) world-class airports: one in Lomé and the other in Niamtougou. Lomé airport has been completely renovated and is able to accommodate cargo aircrafts;
  • A fully digitized telecommunication network with an optical fiber;
  • A deep- water Port : the Autonomous Port of Lomé. It is a modern platform with a free port. The country’s ambition to become a first rate logistic hub, offers opportunities to all operators of the logistics chain port.


Togo is a member country of a large market of 320 million inhabitants of ECOWAS. The investment policy today is much more focused on sub-regional dynamism. In fact, by investing in Togo, the promoter is propitious to corner all the ECOWAS’ markets.


Investment needs concern virtually all economic sectors: agribusiness, mines, trade, transportation, services and tourism.

  • With its fertile soils, Togo abounds in natural resources;
  • In the case of mines, mention may be made, inter alia, of phosphate, limestone, platinum and bauxite;
  • The rehabilitation of the railway will favor the realization of a dry port project in the northern part;
  • Togo has a significant tourism potential that offers enormous investment opportunities in the construction of hotel complexes, villages and leisure parks.


The business climate is constantly improving and offers the investor the following :

  1. Facilities for the creation of enterprises (OHADA Uniform Act, Center for Company Formation ): There are no restrictions on the rights of foreigners to run local businesses. The foreign investor can create a wholly owned subsidiary.
    With the Company Formation Center (CFE), the creation of a company is achieved in 24 hours
  2. Tax rebates There is a cut in corporation tax besides the benefits granted by the Investment Code and the Free Zone.
  3. Guarantee and investment promotion instruments
    • Remedies at law in the event of a dispute: Court of Arbitration of Togo (Cato) Joint Court of Justice and Arbitration (OHADA), Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ) MIGA (International Investment Guarantee Agency) (
    • Foreign companies and entities making an investment are allowed to repatriate or transfer capital and profits within the legal framework of foreign exchange regulations. This guarantee extends to the proceeds from the sale of a concern;
    • the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) offers Togo preferential access to products in Europe;
    • The African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) also allows preferential access of Togolese products to the American market.
  4. The One – stop shop of the Foreign Trade Operating Company(SEGUCE) Togo has a Foreign Trade Facilitation system known as the 'One-Stop Shop for Foreign Trade' which simplifies the procedures for importing and exporting goods and reduces their transit time (
  5. Incentive Measures (SME / SMI Charter, Investment Code, Free Zone Law, Mining Code, General Tax Code:
    • Through these different codes, the investor benefits from fiscal and customs exemptions and very important accompanying measures;
    • Physical and legal entities taxpayers designated by the General Tax Code who invest in Togo under the conditions provided may benefit from a reduction in the tax base of the income tax or corporate tax to which they are subject.


The schooling rate in Togo has reached 73% and is among the highest in Africa with the existence of several vocational training schools, providing a qualified workforce.
Freedom of hiring is guaranteed by a very flexible labour code.


The Government is committed to a good governance and quality management policy .Togo has a National Development Plan which defines the vision, the axis , the priority projects and implementation strategy.

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