Sectors of activity

Are excluded from the benefit of the status of free zone:

  • mining companies;
  • cotton ginning enterprises;
  • international trading and brokerage firms;
  • telecommunications companies;
  • storage, packaging and repackaging companies, except storage and agricultural input companies. (Law No. 2011-018 establishing the Industrial Free Zone Status of 24 June 2011, Article 7)
  • The typology of companies already in activity is very varied:

  • food industry and agri-business, horticulture;
  • the wood industry, metal engineering industry and the plastic industry;
  • clothing industry synthetic hair (hair pieces and wigs), leathercraft( shoes )
  • fishing and sea food processing
  • jewelry and motorcycle assembling ;
  • the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry, etc .;
  • services: development of computer software, design and production of advertising objects, etc.

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