The new Investment Code adopted on 17 June 2019 by Law No. 2019-005 relating to the Investment Code of the Togolese Republic, aims to promote, facilitate and protect sustainable and responsible investment in Togo.

It supports employment policy and income-generating activities. It promotes the creation of sustainable and qualified jobs and the creation of high value-added activities.

The Code also promotes, on the one hand, the use and the development of local resources and raw materials and, on the other hand, the transfer of skills and the use of new technologies.

It facilitates the establishment and operation of new and existing companies targeting the Togolese market, the regional (WAEMU/ECOWAS) market and the international market.

Industrial goods of these companies can enter the regional (WAEMU/ECOWAS) market free of customs duties in accordance with the regional Common External Tariff (CET).

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