Togo in brief

Togo is a country situated on the West African Coast with an intertropical climate. It is bordered to the North by Burkina Faso, to the South by the Gulf of Guinea and to the East by Benin and to the west by Ghana. With an area of 56.600 square kilometers, the country is a narrow land strip stretching North to the South over 600km, wide of 50 to 150 km between its two east and West neighbors.

Geographic and demographic data

  • Area : 56 600 km2 ;
  • Population : 7,5 million inhabitants ;
  • Climate: Intertropical ;
  • Average temperature: 24 ° C ;
  • Capital: Lomé ;
  • main cities: Atakpamé, Kpalimé, Sokodé, Kara: Kara, and Dapaong ;
  • Practiced religions; Christianity, Islam and Animism ;
  • Official language: French ;
  • Currency: CFA Franc .
Economic data
  • Agricultural sector: food crops (maize, cassava, yam) and export crops (cotton, coffee, and cocoa);
  • Livestock and fish farming sector;
  • Mining sector: Phosphate, limestone, iron, and marble, etc.

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